Stamped Silver Tweezer Spectacles Antique 1880's Eyeglasses Etched Concave Lenses Sterling Coin Great Condition LMC France


Stamped silver tweezer spectacles from around the 1870's, found in France. I estimate it was made between 1860 to 1890 given another silver spectacles frame I have with the same silver stamp.

The condition is complete including the original hand etched lenses (letter B), these are concave (minus power). Both silver legs are stamped with the tweezer spectacles symbol and the letters L, M and C plus a smaller stamp. The lens holders material however seem to be of inferior quality as there is some green corrosion. This can be polished off to look silver again.

This frame is complete and functional and can even be used today.

Lens diameter: 29mm
Total lenght when folded, including the ring: 103mm

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